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Botani Healing Lip Balm 10g

Botani Healing Lip Balm 10g

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Healing Lip Balm is an olive based, all-natural, petroleum free, lip balm that protects, repairs and softens your lips.

Botani takes lip balm to a new level. This is not just your everyday lip balm!

You will experience a new level of hydration and healing, with the lasting experience of soft luscious lips.

Botani offers a real alternative to petroleum based products with all natural, all botanical ingredients.

Botani Healing Lip balm contains high quality organic plant oils, such as olive butter, olive wax, olive squalane, evening primrose oil, healing calendula oil.

These ingredients are blended together with a delicious natural vanilla oil to provide a protective barrier that nourishes and softens the skin, all day. Petro chemical free, no animal ingredients and vegan certified.

Healing Lip Balm boasts an exquisite vanilla aroma and contains a premium blend of quality plant oils including Olive wax, Olive Squalane and Olive Butter.

This delicious lip balm leaves your lips silky and soft with a sensuous gloss.

Provides long lasting hydration
Soothes and softens lips
Repairs dry, chapped, cracked lips
Suitable for all – 100% organic and vegan friendly
Free from Paraffin, Beeswax and Petroleum
Excellent base for lipstick application
Vegan certified
Using clean fingers, apply to lips as required.

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