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Botani Rescue Acne Trio Pack

Botani Rescue Acne Trio Pack

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Rescue Acne Trio Bundle is a natural treatment that is an acne-fighting line-up backed by science with clinically proven ingredients, to gently cleanse, exfoliate, refine pores, reduce shine. In addition, it helps to calm redness and fight acne-causing bacteria without drying the skin.

Purify + Balance
Step 1 Rescue Acne Foaming Cleanser

A sulphate free cleanser containing biodegradable cleansing agents derived from oats and coconut to deeply cleanse surface bacteria, impurities, and over-production of oil. Whilst White Willow Bark (a natural salicylic acid) helps to exfoliate and clean pores without disturbing the skin’s acid mantle and leaving the skin hydrated and smooth. It also contains plant-based micelle-surfactants (cleansing agents) such as Glyceryl Oleate. T to help dissolve oil as well as impurities from makeup residue.

Exfoliate + Mattify
Step 2 Rescue Pore Refiner Essence

A hydrating, soothing, and gentle exfoliating elixir especially for acne-prone and oily skin types. It is infused with phyto-active Australian Lemon Myrtle Extract, natural salicylic acid derived from White Willow Bark, and Nicotinamide B3 to stimulate cell renewal, unclog and refine the appearance of large pores. It reduces shine for a mattifying bright smooth complexion. An alternative solution to toners with the benefits of a lightweight serum

Treat + Heal
Step 3 Rescue Acne Cream

A plant-based spot treatment to help heal acne lesions naturally and aid in the topical treatment of mild to moderate acne. Contains the key ingredient Golden seal & Australian Lemon-Scented Tea Tree Oil with proven antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is a non-drying treatment.

Clinically proven to reduce inflammation and redness. This efficacious formulation has shown that scientific in vitro suspension tests have shown that the Rescue Acne Cream is effective against Propionibacterium acnes bacteria under laboratory test conditions. It is free from benzoyl peroxide, synthetic salicylic acid, silicones and sulphates. Gentle to skin & safe for the environment.If you require extra hydration and nourishment we recommend you use the Boost Balancing Moisturiser after treating with Rescue Acne Cream.

Key Benefits:
Free from benzoyl peroxide, synthetic salicylic acid, silicones and sulphates
Non-abrasive and nourishing
Ideal for acne/oily skin prone to dehydration
Reduces inflammation and redness
Contains biodegradable cleansing agents
Plant-based with phyto-actives and botanical extracts
Ideal as natural primer prep your skin for makeup,
Vegan certified

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