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G&M Cosmetics Kakadu Plum Radiating Moisturising Cream 250g

G&M Cosmetics Kakadu Plum Radiating Moisturising Cream 250g

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The secret is out. Australia’s Native Kakadu Plum Extract is the world’s richest source of NATURAL Vitamin C. Vitamin C has been scientifically shown to help promote wound healing and protect the skin cells from DNA damage. Vitamin C aids in collagen synthesis which assists in wrinkle reduction, skin firming and anti-ageing. New scientific evidence has also proven that Vitamin C assists in reduction in hyper-pigmentation and dark spots and thus promotes the lightening of skin tone.

Kakadu Plum is a phenomenal skincare Ingredients containing 3700mg of Vitamin C per 100g, which is 70 times greater than Orange with only 53mg of Vitamin C per 100g.

The Vitamin C found in Kakadu Plum is also the most stable Vitamin C in nature, meaning it holds its nutrient value for much longer. We add the Kakadu Plum after the cream has been made and cooled down, to avoid any breakdown of the powerful Vitamin C complex.

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