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Ausiki Bone Growth 60 Chewables Tablets

Ausiki Bone Growth 60 Chewables Tablets

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AUST L398870

* Superior Growth Support

* Stimulate Bone Growth

* Increase Bone Strength

AUSIKI BONE GROWTH is an advanced proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that help support the pituitary system's production of growth hormones and provide the proper nutrition to sustain necessary growth.

It contains a premium formulation with 11 essential nutrients, including minerals, vitamins, amino acids, prebiotics, to support children's healthy growth and development.Especially the combination of Bonepep and other biological peptides can promote the growth of skeletal cells, enhance bone density, and help the recovery of bone fractures and fractures.

It also supports:
General health and well-being
Healthy bone building
Calcium absorption
Bone mineralisation
Immune system health
Muscle health
Gastrointestinal system health

Lysine 250mg
milk calcium 150mg
bonepep 20mg
vitamin D3 0.5mcg
Vitamin K2 20mcg
arginine 20mg
zinc citrate 6.23mg
hydrolyzed bone collagen 20mg
Bovine colostrum 10mg
GOS prebiotic 20mg
casein phosphopeptide 2mg

3-8 yrs take 1 tablet daily
9-13 yrs take 2 tablets daily
14+yrs take 3 tablets daily
or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Ingredients contain dairy products and milk. If you are allergic to such products, please consult your doctor before use. store in a cool and dry place.

Store below 30c in a cool place away from direct sunlight. Do not use it if the cap seal is broken

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