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Beggi-Smart Mask 5 Pack (No Box)

Beggi-Smart Mask 5 Pack (No Box)

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Beggi Smart Mask is effective respiratory protection from harsh environments.

For best results use the mask immediately after removing from the pouch. The smart temperature sensor technology release a slow, warm steam for 20 minutes the first time the mask is worn.

Enriched with Australian Eucalyptus Essential Oil this plant-based formulation provides a soothing and relaxing sensation around the nasal area. Using multi-layered nanoparticle infused fabric, the gentle, soft and skin friendly mask effectively purifies the air. Ergonomically designed to fit the facial contour, a breath of fresh air has never been so easy.

Remove a fresh mask from pouch, unfold and position on your face, tuck the straps behind your ears. Adjust the mask to make sure it covers both the nose and mouth.
Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Stop use if irritation occurs. This product contains essential oils, so is not recommended for pregnant women. Not suitable for protection against toxic air pollution. Discontinue use if the inside of the respirator is damaged. Do not use while driving with glasses as the respirator may cause glasses to fog.

Discard 36 months after opening.

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