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Botani Spirulina Salt Scrub 250g

Botani Spirulina Salt Scrub 250g

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Botani’s invigorating Spirulina Salt Scrub is a cream-based, body-smoothing skin beautifier that moisturises as it exfoliates, to unveil squeaky clean and silky skin!

A meticulous blend of Australian Sea Salt, Australian Lemon Myrtle Oil and organic Spirulina Powder. This body salt scrub promises to delight your senses and is the ultimate pampering experience.

Prime your skin for waxing, tanning or body moisturisation with ease using Spirulina Salt Scrub. A little goes a long way – and being a nourishing cream-based formula won’t be a messy product-wasting disaster in the shower!

This innovative body scrub should be warmed up in between fingers in the shower and applied in a circular motion, with particular emphasis on areas that are dry or flaky.

This sumptuous scrub is formulated with a synergistic blend of ingredients that provide the optimum invigorating scrub reminiscent of a day spa.

Uniquely cream-based, Spirulina Salt Scrub exfoliates with Australian sea salt that works to remove your dead skin cells and stimulate blood circulation. The fresh green colour comes from organic spirulina. It works to purify and detoxify the skin, unclogging pores and preparing your body for moisturisation.

Olive Squalane keeps your skin nourished and protected, whilst the fresh uplifting Lemon Myrtle Oil invigorates your senses and balances oily skin.

TIP: Use as a mask on body acne to naturally heal pimples!

Spirulina For Skin Care

No mess, unique cream-based formula.
Gently removes dry, scaly lifeless skin from body and feet.
Soothes, nourishes and relieves dryness.
Leaves skin feeling smooth, silky and radiant.
Contains antibacterial properties to help fight impurities.
Ideal to use prior to waxing and applying natural tanning sprays and creams.
Ideal for assisting body acne
Vegan certified
Application: Scoop a small amount into the palm of your hands, apply onto damp skin in gentle circular motions.

Rinse well.

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