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Ecoland Deer Essence Women’s Boost 30 Capsules

Ecoland Deer Essence Women’s Boost 30 Capsules

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ECOLAND Deer Essence uncovered the secret to beautiful, brighter skin radiance. It had been designed to help transform into a rejuvenated lifestyle. Natural rejuvenation demand is on the rise globally, and one study illustrates a connection between Stag Amino Acid and rejuvenated lifestyle. This product is water soluble powder, easy absorption, enriched with 18 varieties of amino, covering 90% essential needs.

Gluten, yeast, sugar, preservatives, dairy and soy.

Natural Rejuvenate PMS Support Recovery Skin Radiance

​DIRECTIONS: Take 2-3 capsules daily

Store below 30°C and avoid from direct sunlight.

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