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Gli Elementi

Gli Elementi Absolute intensive whitening serum 15ml

Gli Elementi Absolute intensive whitening serum 15ml

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Preciously dry-touch anti-dark spots serum with an intense whitening and corrective action. With impalpable freshness, it moisturizes and sublimates the skin with an instant and very bright mat finish, minimizes punctual imperfections (dark signs from UV, aging, post-acne) and illuminates the complexion as in a younger looking skin. Over time, it visibly improves the skin texture with a spectacular uniformity of the complexion plus immediate translucency, smoothness and radiance, on both young and mature skin.


Spots and pigmentary disorders are visibly reduced
Youth-revealing micro-peeling
Skin is intensely hydrated

Fresh and impalpable pearlescent serum.

Ideal for all skin types, even the most sensitive and mature.

The Absolute intensive whitening serum, with highly effective vegetable active ingredients has a very fluid and preciously dry-touch texture, with an impalpable freshness.
In contact with the skin it penetrates instantly giving a feeling of extreme pleasure and leaving on it a scented veil with delicate rose notes.

Conceived as a real last generation cosmetic, it develops a multiple and synergistic action: in depth, effective contrast/prevention on dark spots and at the same time, on the surface, a gentle, smoothing and youth-revealing peeling. The result is an intense punctual depigmenting effect added to a re-uniforming effect extended to the entire surface and tone of the complexion of the face, results validated by clinical efficacy tests, with multi-ethnic extension.

It promotes evenness of the grain, smoother skin and uniform skin tone; reduces existing hyperchromias illuminating the complexion and revealing the radiance of a healthy, flawless and more luminous complexion; moisturize durably and intensely.

Immediately, the sensorial preciousness of an ultra-light texture; with use, dark spots are reduced and a visible harmonious and brighter look with an extraordinarily perfected skin.

Specific smoothing/brightening treatment: ideal for uneven skins of all ages with dark spots, discolorations and dull skin.

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