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Gli Elementi

Gli Elementi Anti-Aging Treatment Filler Cream 50ml

Gli Elementi Anti-Aging Treatment Filler Cream 50ml

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Cream with ultra-fast and incredibly sensory absorption; it is a real injection of youth able to smooth the lines and counteract wrinkles and expressive signs, thanks to a selected combination of ultra-targeted active ingredients and to a special texture that "disappears in the skin". Recommended in case of demanding skin, pared or marked by premature aging thanks to its ability to penetrate deeply and to foster specifically the cohesion and the smoothness of the tissues, working on two fronts: "filling up" and "smoothing" lines and signs of time. Immediately, a face renewed and a younger, relaxed and compact look. Excellent make-up base.


Skin is smoother
High assimilation
Mat make-up base

Soft-touch cream

Ideal for all skin types.

The Filler cream is conceived as a true 24 hours anti-aging, with both on surface and depth effects: it gradually relaxes and re-densifies the facial skin structure, restoring the characteristics of younger skin like elasticity and softness; retains hydration in the deeper epidermal layers, generating an immediate sensation smothness and firmness; gives to the skin surface a lifting effect and therefore instantaneous and a long-term effect on deeper regeneration.

Immediately, the intense sensory well-being of an ultra-melting texture; with use, extraordinarily sublimated younger skin and a more radiant look.

Specific anti-aging treatment.

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