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Gli Elementi

Gli Elementi Anti-Aging Treatment Vegetable Stem Cells Eye Contour Treatment 15ml (Shore Expire Date)

Gli Elementi Anti-Aging Treatment Vegetable Stem Cells Eye Contour Treatment 15ml (Shore Expire Date)

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Expire Date: 10/2023


Ultra-penetrating and fluid cream that instantly "disappears into the skin". Its extraordinary appeal is its impalpable, exceptionally fresh, sensory and penetrating texture; it is proposed as a targeted response to refine the eye contour area and illuminate your look. It has anti-dark circles and revitalizing effects, it attenuates wrinkles and signs of aging thanks to its perfect fusion of active ingredients, notable for their antioxidant properties. It stimulates the relaunch of the epidermal metabolism giving an intense and lasting hydration essential factor for a youthful skin.


Anti-aging efficacy on eyes zone
Impalpable skin feel
Bright and outlined look

Impalpable fluid cream

Ideal for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

The Vegetable stem cells eye contour treatment is designed as a real anti-age that intervenes at various levels of epidermal regeneration: it intensely revitalizes and restructures the delicate skin of the periocular area, immediately restoring elasticity and new cohesion; it has a high moisturizing power, essential for this very fragile and thin area which is constantly exposed to external aggressions; contrasts bags and signs of fatigue throughout the day, refreshing the look which acquires new brightness and a younger appearance; it attenuates in a targeted and effective way the expressive lines, fine wrinkles and "crow's feet" that may be formed even early in this sensitive epidermal area.

Excellent make-up base.

Its particularly comfortable and penetrating texture is also ideal for contact lens wearers.

Specific anti-aging treatment.

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