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Gli Elementi

Gli Elementi Detox Treatment Active Oxygen Treatment 50ml

Gli Elementi Detox Treatment Active Oxygen Treatment 50ml

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Ultra-sensory hydro-gel mask with a high revitalizing effect. In application, its innovative texture instantly becomes an outstanding purifying and regenerating effervescent “mousse”, favouring the removal of toxins on the skin and revealing a brighter, fresh and radiant complexion.

The skin is re-oxygenated with a wonderful glow and touch. Surprising, mutable and transversal treatment: it is suitable for young and mature skin types, and is perfect against signs of fatigue caused by urban exposures and unbridled rhythms.


Toxins immediately eliminated Immediate brightness and smoothness Intensely awakened skin TEXTURE Highly sensory changing hydro-gel SKIN TYPE Ideal for all skin types.


The Active oxygen treatment is part of a specific detoxifying/energizing program of epidermal awakening, very transversal with respect to age and skin types and works as an evolved cosmetic of the latest generation: in fact, as soon as it is applied on the face, its super-innovative texture begins the transformation phase, creating a uniform and very pleasant mousse on the skin, through a very natural process generated by contact with the air.

This "foam" with prodigious purifying and re-energizing properties reach the end of the effervescence in just 5 minutes and, during this time, favours the elimination of toxins deposited on the face and awakens the intense original brightness of the complexion. Surprising, changeable and transversal, it is a perfect treatment against the signs of skin fatigue conditioned by aggressive exposure and unbridled rhythms.

The formula uses a valuable active ingredient, micro-encapsulated active oxygen in gel, which specifically stimulates the production of collagen and significantly increases the levels of oxygen to the epidermal cells, awakening an extraordinary freshness of the complexion.

This treatment is an ultra-effective periodic gesture for: deeply detoxifying the skin from accumulations of free radicals, pollution and conditioning; to revive the mechanisms of healthy skin, restoring the elasticity and smoothness characteristics of younger skin from the very first applications; to bring freshness to the skin surface, visibly attenuating the presence of pores and irregular grain; to minimize traces of skin fatigue with a burst of energy and re-oxygenation; to revive the dull complexion. Detoxified and dynamized, the skin immediately experiences a wonderful radiance and touch. With a very high concentration of active ingredients. Specific detox treatment suitable for all skin types and specific for skin of all ages that show signs of fatigue, dull skin and uneven skin texture.

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