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Gli Elementi

Gli Elementi Intensive Hydro-recharge Mask 75ml

Gli Elementi Intensive Hydro-recharge Mask 75ml

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It's a highly moisturizing creamy mask with immediate replenishing effect.
Its perfect to give nourishment and vitality to fragile, stressed or demanding skin tissues.
Helps to improves the structure of the hydro-lipid mantle and promotes optimal skin re-comfort, immediately revitalizing the complexion.
Your skin re-establishes its proper degree of hydration, becomes immediately more permeable and receptive to any subsequent treatments, dryness decreases immediately and visible signs of age are reduced.

Skin type:
All types
It has Active Ingredients:

Sodium Chloride/Bromine/Iodine Geothermal Water, Fuller’s Earth, Zinc Oxide, Vegetable Glycerin, Laminaria Algae, Shea Butter, Balm Mint Oil, Peppermint Oil, Complex of Oligoelements.

How to Use:
Apply a thick and uniform layer on cleansed face and neck avoiding the eyes and lips contour.
Leave for about 10 minutes.
Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

For normal or combination skin is recommended 1 application a week.
For dry or mature skin, 1 application every 15 days. After mask removal, proceed with the application of moisturizing cream or subsequent treatments, depending on skin type and age.

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