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L'Amande Home Diffuser "Precious" 200ml

L'Amande Home Diffuser "Precious" 200ml

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Precious, like your home

Spicy, citrus, floral note - The precious accord of spicy notes of cinnamon, coriander, are skilfully built on the first sparkling and sweet citrus notes of lemons and oranges. It is a harmony of scents that relax and make the environment clean and comfortable. Flowery and seductive ylang ylang, gives body and envelops thoughts giving lightness and relaxation.

Directions for use: to use the room fragrance, simply remove the cap and insert the birch wood rose inside the bottle. Diffusion takes place by capillarity: the essence is absorbed by the rose and, as it evaporates, it is released into the environment.

Product features:
Possible imperfections are not to be considered defects of the product but proof of their craftsmanship.
Spicy, citrus, flowery note
A harmony of scents that relax and make the environment clean and comfortable
The fragrance gives body and envelops thoughts, giving lightness and relaxation

L'Amande, one of the 5 oldest soap factories in the world: for over a century, L'Amande has been synonymous with quality in tradition, the great tradition of Mediterranean soap-making. Faithful to this important heritage, even today, l'Amande soaps are produced in a boiler, according to the ancient method known as Marseillaise, by cooking the oils and raw materials for 6 days and 6 nights

d-limonene; α-methylcinnamaldehyde; eugenol; coumarin.

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