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L'Amande Home Diffuser "Unique" 200ml

L'Amande Home Diffuser "Unique" 200ml

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A unique fragrance for your home

Greedy, gourmand, sweet note - A unique and unmistakable fragrance, it releases the greedy, sweet and inebriating accord of raisins and icing sugar. The candied orange appreciated by all, marries with precious woods and tonka bean, with oriental notes, to celebrate the return home in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The scent is intense and rich, enveloping all environments, a pleasure that spreads and lasts.

Directions for use: to use the room fragrance, simply remove the cap and insert the birch wood rose inside the bottle. Diffusion takes place by capillarity: the essence is absorbed by the rose and, as it evaporates, it is released into the environment.

Product features:
Possible imperfections are not to be considered defects of the product but proof of their craftsmanship.
To celebrate returning home in a warm and welcoming atmosphere
A pleasure that spreads and lasts
It releases the greedy, sweet and inebriating accord of raisins and icing sugar

L'Amande, one of the 5 oldest soap factories in the world: for over a century, L'Amande has been synonymous with quality in tradition, the great tradition of Mediterranean soap-making. Faithful to this important heritage, even today, l'Amande soaps are produced in a boiler, according to the ancient method known as Marseillaise, by cooking the oils and raw materials for 6 days and 6 nights

d-limonene; coumarin. May cause an allergic reaction.

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