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L'Amande Mamma Anti-fatigue Leg Spray 125ml

L'Amande Mamma Anti-fatigue Leg Spray 125ml

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Relieves the natural heaviness of the legs

Moisturizing and anti-fatigue spray ideal for relieving the heaviness of the legs and feet of pregnant women, also useful after childbirth to promote tissue drainage. The convenient spray delivery avoids bending and awkward positions for application. The synergy of escin with the stimulating theobromine gives relief while carnosine stimulates the microcirculation. The glyceric extract of the organic mallow flower, with its moisturizing mucilages, protects sensitive skin and leaves it soft. The presence of menthol also ensures tired skin a pleasant refreshing, regenerating and naturally scented effect. Vitamin E has an antioxidant action.

Without the addition of synthetic perfumes. Menthol, Escin, Theobromine, Carnosine, Organic Mallow Extract. Alcohol-free. Without silicones. Without mineral oils. Paraben-free - peg-free. Without dyes.

RECOMMENDATIONS FOR USE: spray directly on clean skin, then massage starting from the ankle upwards, until completely absorbed.

Product features:
Mallow glyceric extract from organic cultivation: mallow is a very common herbaceous plant in the Mediterranean, known since ancient times as a popular medicinal remedy. A mucilage is obtained from the leaves and flowers which boasts decongestant and moisturizing properties

Menthol: gives an immediate sense of freshness

Escin: ability to increase capillary resistance and decrease its permeability. It is indicated to relieve the heaviness of the legs, due to its action on the circulation. It has a softening, anti-oedema, soothing action

Carnosine: it is formed by the union of two amino acids, it is naturally present in the muscles and in the brain. In synergy with vitamin E it has the ability to inhibit oxidative reactions and protect cells from free radicals, it is a powerful anti-aging. It has a strong healing power

Theobromine: active ingredient derived from Cocoa with a strong stimulating action


Aqua, malva sylvestris flower/leaf extract, escin, theobromine, carnosine, hydrolyzed elastin, menthol, tocopherol, glycerin, caprylhydroxamic acid, caprylyl glycol.

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