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L'Amande Mamma Body & Hair Shower Shampoo 250ml

L'Amande Mamma Body & Hair Shower Shampoo 250ml

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The delicate L'Amande Mamma shower shampoo will give you a moment of perfumed relaxation thanks to the fresh bouquet free of allergens, both during the shower and in the bathtub. It can also be used as a shampoo to optimize the time available and speed up cleansing, when the pressing commitments of the day require it. The glyceric extract of mallow flower and leaves from organic cultivation, with its moisturizing mucilages, protects sensitive skin leaving it soft. Vitamins E, PP, panthenol and sorbitol contribute to the well-being of hair and skin.

Organic mallow extract · panthenol. Without sls/sles. Paraben free. Without peg. Without dyes.

RECOMMENDATIONS FOR USE: pour a small dose on the palm of the hand or on the sponge, or directly into the bathtub, to give yourself a soft scented foam; then rinse carefully and apply an emollient body cream.

Product features:
Mallow glyceric extract from organic cultivation: mallow is a very common herbaceous plant in the Mediterranean, known since ancient times as a popular medicinal remedy. In particular, a mucilage is obtained from the leaves and flowers which boasts decongestant and moisturizing properties. Mallow has proved to be moderately active against various bacterial strains, it inhibits the growth of fungal colonies. It is very interesting to use it in cleansing preparations for delicate skin

Panthenol (provitamin B5): moisturizing property promotes softness of the hair and prevents dehydration

Sorbitol: it is a sugar, belonging to the family of polyalcohols. Used in cosmetics as a humectant and as a moisturizing agent, to prevent dryness of the skin and the hair matrix

Vitamin PP: essential vitamin for the prevention of hair loss and to promote the correct nourishment of the scalp

Vitamin E: excellent antioxidant and anti-free radical, in synergy with other substances, it nourishes the skin and keeps the epidermis unchanged

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