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L'Amande Mamma Intimate Cleanser 250ml

L'Amande Mamma Intimate Cleanser 250ml

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Refreshing and softening intimate cleanser, formulated with specific ingredients, ideal for expectant mothers and for intimate hygiene after childbirth. It is enriched with the moisturizing extract of organic mallow leaves and flowers, a blend of delicate vegetable-based detergents and a specific prebiotic additive which regulates the presence of bacterial flora of the mucous membranes. Slightly scented with an allergen-free floral bouquet.

Organic mallow extract. Without sls/sles. Paraben free. Without peg. Without dyes.

RECOMMENDATIONS FOR USE: pour a small dose on the palm of the hand or on the sponge then rinse.

Product features:
Mallow glyceric extract from organic cultivation: mallow is a very common herbaceous plant in the Mediterranean, known since ancient times as a popular medicinal remedy. In particular, a mucilage is obtained from the leaves and flowers which boasts decongestant and moisturizing properties. Mallow has been shown to be moderately active against various bacterial strains, it inhibits the growth of fungal colonies. It is very interesting to use it in cleansing preparations for delicate skin

Prebiotic additive: regulates the physiological bacterial flora present in the intimate mucous membranes, feeding the useful agents and consequently counteracting the presence of pathogenic substances

Delicate surfactant blend: generates a light, soft foam, ideal for mucous membranes. The substances are all of natural origin

Allergen-free perfume: fresh, green, flowery note

Without sls/sles. Paraben free. Without peg. Without dyes

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