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Lionia Lip Maximizer Serum 5ml

Lionia Lip Maximizer Serum 5ml

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All-Day Hydration for Plump, Crystal Lips

One Magic Lip Serum: Moisturizes, repairs, and leaves a silky finish.

Infuse your lips with the luxurious LIONIA Extra Plump Lip Serum, crafted with an opulent blend of roe extract and nourishing botanical oils from Jojoba, Macadamia, and Avocado for deep moisturization and protection. Enriched with Honey, Squalane, and Peach Extract, the serum actively works to rejuvenate lips and smooth out lines. The cutting-edge thermochromic technology allows the serum to transform its shade in response to your body’s temperature, creating a personalized color effect. The subtle essence of natural peach extract adds a refreshing zest to your lip care routine.

* Long-Lasting Moisture
Keeps lips soft and supple

* Plumping Repair
Adds volume and bounce

* Radiant Shine
Gives a natural, dewy glow

* Natural & Organic
Free from silicones, mineral oils, and microplastics

* Jojoba, Macadamia, and Avocado Oils
Deeply moisturizes

* Roe Extract
Enhances resistance

* Honey
Nourishes and protects

* Squalane
Boosts elasticity

* Peach Extract
Enhances fragrance


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