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Lionia Luxe Protective Revitalizing Emulsion 100ml

Lionia Luxe Protective Revitalizing Emulsion 100ml

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Effectively protect skin and help prevent photoaging. Can produce vitamin B group, mineral, amigo acid to wait for beneficial the small molecule that protects skin, can strengthen the metabolism of cuticle, clear free radical, have beautiful white, the function that fights con-senescence.

Enhance the skin barrier function and increase the quality of extra-cellular matrix ECM.

Repairing the damage: anti aging qualities,advanced repair and regeneration performance.

Sodium hyaluronate has a special function of water retention, can absorb its own volume of water content 500 times, known as the skin’s absorbent sponge.

Key Ingredients:
Roe extract
Skin repair peptide composition
Bo’s Angle
Body cavity fluid of starfish
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