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Lionia Luxe Protective Revitalizing Lotion 120ml

Lionia Luxe Protective Revitalizing Lotion 120ml

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Rich in 17 kinds of amino acid proteins to help its collagen synthesis, better support the absorption of nutrients in the skin.
Vitamins A,D,B1,B2,H and DHA help skin fight oxidation, aging and gravity.
Panthenol, lecithin and other unsaturated fatty acid active substances, to help cell repair and regeneration.

Moisturizing: rich in seaweed essence ensures the dry skin replenishes necessary nutrients and moisture.
Repair and regeneration: the use of natural bacteria in seaweed, repair skin dry damaged, form a protective film, isolation of external invasion.
High antioxidant: contains a variety of mineral ingredients to protect the skin from free radical damage.

Key Ingredients:
Roe extract
Hydrolysis of collagen
Sodium hyaluronate
Lysates from the fermentation products of difid yeast
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