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Malory 5 in 1 Cleaning Power Laundry pods 80 Packs

Malory 5 in 1 Cleaning Power Laundry pods 80 Packs

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MALORY 5 in 1 laundry pods 80 Packs

In order to meet the needs of various families, Malory five-in-one laundry pods were born. The five functions are integrated into one to provide people with the ultimate laundry experience. While maintaining the stain removal effect, it is gentle on clothes and does not cause wrinkles or fading. In addition, the larger packaging means it can hold more pods, allowing you to use it longer.

- 5 in 1 Cleaning Power: Malory 5 in 1 Laundry Pods offer a comprehensive laundry solution, combining detergent, stain remover, brightener, softener, and scent booster in one convenient pod.

- 99% Antibacterial and Mite Removal: These laundry pods clean and provide hygienic protection with a remarkable 99% antibacterial and mite removal effectiveness.

- Lasting Fragrance: Enjoy the confidence of long-lasting freshness as these pods infuse your clothes with a delightful fragrance that lingers through wear after wear.

- Soft and Color Protection: Malory Laundry Pods go the extra mile to protect the colors of your clothes, ensuring that they stay vibrant and look newer for longer.

- Increased Product Volume: Each pack contains 80 pods, offering an increased volume of product to cover your laundry needs more comprehensively.

Product Specification:
80 Packs Per Bucket

Main Ingredients:
Water, Surfactants, Protease,Lipase, Stabilizer, Phosphate-Free Hard Water Softener, Coconut Acid, Plant Extracts, Fragrance....

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