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Tasmanian Honey

Tasmanian Honey Christmas Bush Plastic Jar 500g

Tasmanian Honey Christmas Bush Plastic Jar 500g

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About The Tasmanian Honey Company

From the ancient forests and gothic meadows of Tasmania come Tasmanian Honey Company's fine honey – pure, beautifully packaged honey that are free of additives and unpleasant agricultural and industrial activities to ensure that the flavour and health benefits of the honey remain uncompromised.

Product description:

Various types of honey are gathered in different parts of Tasmania. Each variety of honey is produced by bees that feed on nectar of different plant species giving each kind a unique flavour.

Tasmanian Christmas Bush Honey is a rare type of honey, produced in limited quantities. It has a warm, rich flavour with an earthly, floral aftertaste. Its distinctive quality is mainly due to the fact that Tasmanian Christmas Bush Honey is produced from the nectar of tiny white flowers of the bursaria plant that blooms only once a year in the wilderness of Tasmania. The plant produces thousands of tiny white flowers which look like bursting stars hence its other name, Christmas bush.

  • 500 grams.
  • Product of Australia.
  • Unfiltered and unheated.
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