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Vierra Blanch Pro Complex Elixir 42 Chewable Tablets

Vierra Blanch Pro Complex Elixir 42 Chewable Tablets

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Elixir for Night (42 Chewable Tablets)

Features with ultimate MDA (Melanin Degradation Agent) formular, possesses powerful brightening and whitening ingredients, Camellia extract and GSH, to prevent melanin formation, targeted to clear away melanin simultaneously neutralise and repair the skin barrier damage from UVA.

VIERRA Blanch Complex Elixir establishes the unique on-going whitening system in 24 hours per day, to provide targeted whitening solutions for aging and skin barrier damage problems. In the 28-day renewal cycle, the skin continues to expedite its whitening and refreshing rate, to make you a brighter and whiter skin. 

*Double Rose Extract
Suppresses melanin from the body for your brighter and whiter skin, strongly inhibits tyrosinase activity and synergistic against melanin.

Store in a cool dry place. For the best results, take 1 pouch of Morning Tablets after breakfast, and 1 pouch of Evening Tablets after dinner.

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