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Vierra Ironvita Complex Elixir 30 Chewable Tablets

Vierra Ironvita Complex Elixir 30 Chewable Tablets

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A vegan one-a-day high potency iron supplement gentle on the digestive system. It also reduces fatigue and tiredness caused by inadequate iron intake, the formula includes important vitamins B and C also Beta-carotene.

VIERRA Ironvita helps maintain health blood and helps prevent dietary iron deficiency. It is enriched with natural vitamin C to support the absorption of dietary iron. This premium quality supplement contains a low constipation form of plan-based iron that’s gentle on the tummy.

Stella Cherry Extract 35 mg

High content of Iron presents in the production of healthy red blood cells and the relief of fatigue and tiredness, so to prevent dietary iron deficiency.

How to use:
Store in a cool dry place, keep pouch sealed after open. Take one tablet a day after meal.

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