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Vierra Marine Supreme Essence IV 9 Vials*50ml

Vierra Marine Supreme Essence IV 9 Vials*50ml

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Premium ultra-high content peptide collagen beauty liquid supplement with multi-functional age-defying ingredients of smaller molecules of collagen, to effectively reduce the visible signs of aging and promote skin rejuvenation.

VIERRA Marine Supreme Essence is powered by highly concentrated collagen peptide with patented ingredient MIRALIFT™ 12,800mg, Sea Fennel Essence, Elastin and Nicotinamide, to provide a quick-acting approach to firm and lift skin from the inside out. The anti-aging rapid response booster provides a targeted treatment that is clinically proven to help ease and prevent wrinkles while plumping and hydrating the skin for a younger look and feel.

MIRALIFT™ 12,800mg

MIRALIFT™ 12,800mg is a patented miracle peptide with high content to recover the loss and build collagen in your body. It is targeted in precise assistance of age-defying support and fine lines and wrinkle recovery.

How to use:
Store in a cool dry place, take one vial daily before bedtime. For the best results, lightly shaking the bottle before use, keep the liquid under your tongue for 10 seconds.

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