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Vierra Snowplus Complex Elixir 14*3 Chewable Tablets

Vierra Snowplus Complex Elixir 14*3 Chewable Tablets

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A rose flavoured tablet with rich natural vitamin C & glutathione to fight free radicals also help prevent melanin formation. 

VIERRA Snowplus™ Complex Elixir is the ultimate inner beauty whitening & brightening solution. Extracted from powerful whitening ingredients include L-glutathione, Coixol, rosehip & acerola for increasing skin brightness and reducing dark spots.

L-glutathione | 300mg
A powerful antioxidant that rapidly absorb through skin delivering age-defying and melanin prevention benefits, helps convert destructive molecules, including tree radicals, into harmless compounds, leaving spotless skin with brighter

How to use:
Store in a cool dry place, keep pouch sealed after open. For the best results, take 3-6 tablets daily as lozenge.

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