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Vierra Snowplus Supreme Essence 9 Vials*50ml

Vierra Snowplus Supreme Essence 9 Vials*50ml

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An ultimate inner beauty formular with powerful brightening and whitening ingredients to prevent melanin formation, confronts existing melanin and clear away melanin residuals from skin cells, to find you a brighter and whiter complexion.

VIERRA Snowplus™ Supreme Essence is the ultimate inner beauty whitening and brightening solution. Rich in natural Marine Collagen Peptide, Glabridin, L-glutathione and Astaxanthin to synergistic against melanin, break down melanin and suppress melanin from the body for your brighter and whiter skin.

Marine Collagen Peptide 3,000mg

Essential collagen with nano-peptide helps a youthful appearance and enhances radiance and toughness of the skin.

How to use:
Store in a cool dry place, keep pouch sealed after open. For the best results, take 1 shot in daytime, shake before using.

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